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Platri IT had a hand in the development of the mobile app “Clippic”. With this app, special moments can innovatively be captured by combining printed photos and postcards with digital media such as videos and voice memos. On this page we explain the functions and applications of Clippic.

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with the framework Flutter as with Swift and Kotlin

Which functions does Clippic have?

Clippic is a mobile app in which the user takes a photo or video or alternatively selects an already taken photo/video. From these two components, the app generates a so-called “Clippic”. A Clippic is the selected photo in which an individual QR code is integrated. In parallel, the selected video is stored in the Clippic database. The user prints the Clippic and can access the associated video at any time by scanning the QR code with the Clippic app.

Why “Clippic”?

Clippic is a so-called suitcase word made up of the words video clip and picture so the two media that are mainly linked via the developed app.

(Video-)Clip + Pic(ture)



What purpose fulfills Clippic?

Clippic creates a new way to immortalize moments for eternity. Videos or other files such as voice recordings can be easily “attached” to physical, printed photos as Clippic. This creates a new archiving method. For example, a child’s first steps and words can be immortalized in a photo album, and every Clippic app user can see the corresponding video even years later simply by scanning the photos. In addition, postcards with stored video messages from vacations can be sent, for example, or graduation newspapers with videos of special events, speeches or celebrations can be created.

Did you become curious? Test Clippic now!

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Download Clippic
  2. Open the app on your mobile device
  3. Select the “Scan” function
  4. Hold the camera in front of the QR code in the following image
  5. The linked video automatically loads on your mobile device
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The use of Clippic is that easy!

Video wird in Clippic App geladen