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Programming courses for children

We would like to offer courses for children in the Ruhr area to learn the basics of programming and the concepts behind it, so that they get excited about the topic at an early age and can improve their digital skills over time.

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What is our situation?

Children in Germany come into contact with digital technology at an ever earlier age. Whereas computers used to be the access to the digital world, today it is smartphones.


What problem do we see?

Most children do not know how programs or apps are created or have never heard of the profession “programmer”. Since digital skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s world and digitization has long since affected not only IT companies, but all people in many areas of life, it is important to intervene here and get children excited about these important topics early enough.


Our solution:

Programming courses specially designed for children from 5 to 16 years of age, which teach the basics & concepts and prepare the children for their digital future.

What do children learn with us?

  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Creative thinking
  • Systematic conclusions
  • Development of problem solving strategies
  • Media competence
  • Teamwork

How do children learn with us?

We use the Scratch software. Scratch is a programming environment specially designed for children from 5 to 16 years old for visual and playful learning.

Kinder lernen programmieren mit Scratch

This allows children to “program their own interactive stories, games and animations”, as the publishers of the software write on their website. “Scratch helps young people to think creatively, make systematic conclusions and work together,” the developers continue.

Do you have any questions?

With digitization, programming is becoming more and more important and will eventually become one of the basic skills of people. When programming, one not only learns programming languages by heart, but also many concepts behind them, such as systematic conclusions or the development of problem-solving strategies.

No, however, children today live in a digital generation. Therefore they should be familiar with the basics & concepts.

Digitization affects us all in all areas of life. Therefore, children should learn how to use computers etc. at a relatively early age.

At school, the children are prepared for the most important things in life. Since digital skills and programming are becoming more and more important, these basics should also be learned.

Like all things that are done wrong or in an unregulated way, too much screen time certainly harms children. However, the use of computers in a regulated manner is very useful and can help children in many situations.

Are you interested in the Code School?

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