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At this point we would like to present one of our largest projects. It is a platform for dance schools and dancers, on which information can be exchanged quickly and typical organizational processes are facilitated.

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What is Danceflavors?

Danceflavors is a platform for dance schools and dancers. Besides the possibility to present their own profile or course programs online, the main focus is on communication and the intuitive and partly automated flow of information. The heart of the platform are the courses, workshops and events, where both parties come together. In the scene, individual WhatsApp groups are still set up by course instructors or the students themselves in order to give courses a framework for the exchange of information.

This is where Danceflavors comes in as a platform and gives each course a framework and overview of content, participants, changing course info. In case of a course cancellation, for example, many dance schools still have to inform their students via various communication channels. Danceflavors offers 1-click solutions, which take into account the individual communication possibilities of the dancers and allow the automatic distribution of the information on the different communication channels.

But this is only one of many additional functions, which should make the life of dance schools and dancers easier. Especially in the organizational area Danceflavors offers dance schools a powerful tool, which will digitalize the complete back office after its completion. For dancers, automated waiting lists, additional course information or a dance partner search are interesting and will therefore be an integral part of Danceflavors.

One of the biggest challenges of the dance scene is its complexity and individuality. Depending on the dance school or dance organization, the structures and processes differ enormously, so Danceflavors aims to be as adaptive as possible while still creating a common denominator. Because at the end of the day, for all dancers, it’s all about one thing: dancing! And Danceflavors creates the framework for everything else!

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What is the current status?

The Danceflavors project is currently in the development phase. However, many features are already fully functional and are already used by dance schools and dancers. We are using Angular and NestJS to first develop a web application or progressive web app that can also be used on mobile devices. We also program a native mobile app to match the complexity of the whole platform. During development, we rely on close cooperation with dance schools, organizations, dance teachers and dancers who are very active in the scene, so we can develop tailored to needs.

Besides the web application, there is now also a website for content related to Danceflavors. In the future, texts worth knowing about all dances of this world will be published there. This includes the history of the dances, basic steps as well as the appropriate music. In addition, there will be information about the functions of Danceflavors. Also the cities where dance schools cooperate with Danceflavors and where courses can be booked accordingly will find a place on the new homepage.

Danceflavors on Instagram

The Danceflavors project has existed on Instagram for quite some time, even before the first line of code. Currently we have about 1,000,000 followers. This gives us a good connection to the international community in the dance field, which has already allowed us to gain some cooperation partners.


Are you interested in our project?

If you have any questions or would like more information about Danceflavors, simply use our contact form. Thank you for your interest!