Game development

From the planning to the release of games

Game development

With Platri Gaming one of our most passionate projects will start soon. Our game developers deal with the independent development of games & create new worlds in which all people can immerse themselves & with which they can be entertained.

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What attracts us to GameDev?

Nowadays, almost everyone has played a game in some way. Possibly only with a cell phone on the road or at home in a gaming room with different hardware for playing. Gaming has moved into the center of society over the years and offers many opportunities to reach people from all demographics worldwide.

We at Platri IT want to make our own contribution to this and have decided to develop games that people should enjoy. To do this, we want to contribute our own ideas and skills in such a way that we can present a well thought-out result at the end of the development. Above all, we want to create something that we can honestly say: This is fun!

What do we do exactly?

At Platri Gaming we work on the complete game development of the games we create. This means that we start with pre-production, the collection of ideas and conceptualization, and end with post-production, the support of a game after launch. In the intermediate steps, everything from actual development and programming to marketing is involved.

Currently we are still at the beginning, but we have already started with the development of a game. You can find more details about it below at our projects.

What can we enrich the gaming world with?

Our team consists of several people to whom the topic of gaming is important, because they either play games themselves, or are very interested in the development of such games. Internally, we discuss and debate many different approaches, and our employees have many ideas about ideas and their implementation. Especially this variety of different impulses and suggestions from people who know about gaming allows us to work together on something that is special.

What projects are we currently developing?

We are currently developing a virtual reality tower defense game using Unreal Engine technology. Thus, the exciting possibilities of the VR environment are used to create a captivating game.

In our first minigame called “Earth Guard Egypt” we take the players on an exciting journey to the Orient of the past.

Set in Egyptian mythology, you must stop Osiris, the god of the realm of the dead, from coming into possession of valuable treasures. These treasures are hidden in the player’s fortress, which is protected by the city walls. However, Osiris periodically sends increasingly large armies to the fortress, which try to invade the city. These armies consist of warriors, mummies and other scary creatures that must be eliminated by the player.

Fortunately, the player was able to climb a defense tower in time so that he can fight the incoming enemies from there. For this purpose, he initially has a bow & arrow at his disposal. As the game progresses, however, he can earn better war tools and thus repel the attacks.

The goal is to defend the city gate from the enemy creatures, so that the treasure remains in your possession for as long as possible.

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Are you interested in Platri Gaming?

If you have any questions about game development at Platri IT or need more information, get in touch using our contact form

Thank you for your interest!