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Whether shareholders, customers or applicants – Discerning users will soon have the opportunity to receive important signals from companies. Signalficant will become a platform for all devices that allows companies to post important milestones and visually display them in a timeline to keep the world up to date about their business processes.


Development of a platform

What can Signalficant do?

Many companies don’t have a central platform where they can announce important historical and economic events chronologically. Lots of platforms are focused on a broad target group and not every event finds its place there.

With Signalficant, Platri IT wants to help startups and established companies to create visually appealing timelines of their milestones, events and plans in the company’s history and future to share them with the world. Sophisticated users, such as shareholders, customers or potential job applicants, should get a better overview about your company, so they can participate more quickly in future business processes.

Signalficant users

Discerning users are interested in seeing all events of a company at a glance, but there is currently no platform that collects only relevant business achievements. Unfortunately, a lot of companies aren’t very transparent or represented on different platforms, so new & relevant announcements quickly get lost.

Signalficant is ideal for established shareholders and investment enthusiasts, who want effortlessly see (without having to do a lot of research) what past successes the company had and what financial plans or changes are currently being made. Companies can bring their customers up to date and introduce them directly to launches of new products & ideas. The platform is also perfect for employer branding, as potential applicants like to know for which company they will work for in the future.

Advantages of Signalficant

Users should be able to quickly browse through a clearly displayed profile at any time and jump through all events that are relevant to them. Signalficant also will become an ideal interface between user and company. Enthusiasts can either follow or search for a company of their choice so they only see pages & posts in their personal feed that are relevant to them.

The Current Status

The Signalficant platform is currently in a development phase with all basic functions and is currently being tested by us. We are developing Signalficant as a web application / progressive web app using NestJS and Angular technologies. For the future, a native mobile app is planned, programmed with Flutter, which offers the platform more complex possibilities. Users will then be able to access the platform not only via desktop but also mobile devices such as Android and iOS. An important function of Signalficant will be the integration of the timeline on the company’s own homepage.
The first version of Signalficant is currently online and accessible to users.

You are interested in Signalficant?

If you have more questions about Signalficant or need more information, please contact us via our contact form.

Thank you for your interest!