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Website creation

A department of Platri IT is exclusively concerned with the creation of professional websites for companies. The main focus is on start-ups and companies that have no or only an old website. Are you interested in a website? Then visit webseiten-schmied.de

Logo von Webseiten-Schmied

Website-Creation with WordPress

How did the idea came up?

At Platri IT we usually work on the development of complex software, apps or web applications and not on the creation of websites. However, after the creation of their own homepage, more individual and high quality websites were built. Since then, the knowledge and experience in the field of website creation has been continuously developed

What is the current offer?

Currently three different packages are offered. On the one hand a Basic version with up to 5 pages and on the other hand the Enterprise version with which more complex websites with up to 15 pages can be created. Also you have the possibility to have an e-commerce shop created with Webseiten-Schmied.

In addition to the offer of website creation, customers can also purchase SEO packages in which Platri takes over the search engine optimization of an already created or yet to be created website.

Services vom Webseiten-Schmied

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A selection of already created websites:

Click on the logos & screenshots to get to the respective website.

Logo von MStore CareScreenshot der Website von MStore Care
Logo vom Restaurant bewellScreenshot der Website des Restaurants Bewell
Logo der Code-SchuleScreenshot der Website der Code-Schule
Logo von Urologie DisiScreenshot der Website von Urologie Disi
Logo von P&F ElektrotechnikScreenshot der Website von P&F Elektrotechnik
Logo der Viktoria ApothekeScreenshot der Website der Viktoria Apotheke
Logo von der Tanzschule TanzpottScreenshot der Website von Tanzpott
Logo der Suitbert ApothekeScreenshot der Website der Suitbert Apotheke

A selection of already created websites:

Screenshot der Website von MStore Care
Screenshot der Website des Restaurants Bewell
Screenshot der Website der Code-Schule
Screenshot der Website von Urologie Disi
Screenshot der Website von P&F Elektrotechnik
Screenshot der Website der Viktoria Apotheke
Screenshot der Website von Tanzpott
Screenshot der Website der Suitbert Apotheke

The qualities of the “Webseiten Schmied”:

The same quality characteristics apply to every website we create. These have been set up by ourselves, but above all to meet the requirements of our customers:

  • Modern design
  • Optimization for all end devices
  • Usability
  • Comprehensive visitor statistics
  • Uncomplicated planning
  • Quick completion
  • Technical stability
  • Permanent integration
  • Fair prices

To maintain this quality, we divide the creation of each website into three steps: conception, creation & acceptance. The first step is to discuss the customer’s wishes in more detail and plan the website to be created. Afterwards the website-smiths provide the Website and maintain everything discussed. The complete work is taken over by us, whereby the customer is informed about the status of the work and integrated as desired. Before the website is published, it is approved in a final step and the new owner of the website can express his wishes one last time.

Are you interested in creating a website?

Contact us without obligation by e-mail or phone or fill out our contact form if you already have a rough idea of your wishes and goals regarding a website.