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At Platri IT you will find a professional and motivated team that will help you if you want to have an app developed. We stand for quality, innovation and reliability. Through the realization of many app projects for large and small companies, we can already look back on years of experience.
With us, apps are developed interactively with you. You can have a lot of influence and will be involved at any time. Of course, only if you want to! Our developers and designers are creative, think innovatively and are happy to make suggestions or steer you in the right direction. In any case, Platri is the right address if you want to have an app developed!

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Our offer as an app agency:

Geöffnete Web-Apps auf Laptop und Tablet

Web Apps

Web application development

Android Apps auf Smartphone

iOS & Android Apps

Mobile app development on Android & iOs

Virtual Design mit Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Development of games for e.g. virtual reality

UI/UX Design

User friendly applications & designs

What kind of app do I need?

  • Do I need a mobile app, respectively should the application be installed & used on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or similar)?
  • Or do I need a web app, with which the application is used via a web browser on any end device (e.g. laptop) without prior installation?
  • Do I need a native app, i.e. an app that is primarily designed & optimized for a specific operating system on your device (i.e. Android or iOs)?
  • Or do I need a hybrid app, i.e. a mobile application that is less complex but developed for many operating systems (i.e. Android and iOs)?
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Do you already know what you need?

  • You have already gained experience and had apps developed. Then you know what it’s all about and we can exchange content right away!
  • You have no such previous experience, but you have informed yourself sufficiently. Then you have an idea about your wishes and can communicate them with us!
  • You have only a rough idea so far, but still no approach how this idea could be implemented. Then we help you to implement this idea and to create a clear structure from a rough concept!
  • None of these cases applies to you? Never mind, we will find a suitable solution for you too!
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App development in 6 steps

  • Preliminary talk
  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Development
  • constant involvement
  • Acceptance

Our app development steps explained in detail:

Preliminary talk

In a first conversation we clarify your wishes & ideas and match them with our possibilities & capacities.


In a joint workshop we discuss all the points that should be implemented. The whole thing happens interactively and all ideas are collected.


The points developed in the workshop are now transformed into a strategic plan. Cost & time schedules are also created here.


After that, our experienced and competent software developers will start the actual app development.

Constant involvement

If desired, you can be involved at any time, view progress and test initial functionality.


Once all the features discussed have been developed, we do a sign-off together and the app goes online.

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Few steps to your own app

1) Fill out the form and tell us what kind of app you need.

We will contact you immediately after receiving it to record your requirements and answer all your questions.

We are able to present you a suitable concept within a few days already.

You decide after the discussions with us whether you wish to cooperate.

We handle the contractual and start the app development together with you.

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Why you should have an app programmed by us:


We have already created several apps for satisfied customers and have a long list of experiences from which we have always learned.


We are a team of experienced app developers, software specialists & marketing experts, which is why we can always provide you with competent & professional advice.

Customer focus

We always pay attention to a close and uncomplicated cooperation with our customers and involve them constantly in the development process if desired.


Through our many years of experience, we have built up an international network of partners, experts & customers from which you can also benefit.


We ourselves have high quality standards for our work and can therefore assure you that you will receive the best possible quality from us.

Planung der Programmierung von mobilen Apps

How do we program apps?

App development for us always starts with an idea and several questions. What problem should the app be able to solve? What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the idea? What features should the app have and what should it look like? These and many other questions are clarified and worked out in preliminary discussions and workshops with our customers and employees. Only then do we start with the actual app development, in which we make use of common technologies and programming languages. From the start of programming to completion and acceptance, the customer is always involved, can review progress and make suggestions. Once the development of the app is finished, we support with updates, improvements & changes and offer continuous support.

How do we program apps?

Which technologies do we master?

For each new app development, we clarify which technologies we should use to achieve the best possible result. For example, we can develop web apps with Angular and mobile apps with Flutter. In addition, mobile apps must always be developed to match the desired operating system. In this context, we speak of native app development when, for example, we develop customized apps for Android with Java or Kotlin or, in the example of iOS, rely on programming languages such as Swift. In the hybrid environment, we use technologies like Ionic, with which we program an app only “once” and a framework like Ionic then automatically “compiles” this development for each operating system.

Which technologies do we master?
Softwareentwickler geht Technologien zur App-Entwicklung durch

Frequently asked questions about app development

That can’t be said across the board, because every app development involves a different amount of work. On average, it costs several thousand euros for simple functionalities. For larger app projects in the enterprise sector, higher amounts must be assumed. So that you don’t end up in the cost trap, we clarify what makes the most sense for your app project before each line of code.
This cannot be said as a general rule, since every app development involves a different amount of work and therefore also takes different amounts of time. Simple apps can be completed in just a few weeks or months, whereas the development of more complex apps can take several years. We always work with you to create a schedule in advance, so you can estimate when your app will be online and functional.
Developing an app is very complex and therefore should be done by professionals. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to who you have an app created by, what references the company has and how close they can work with the developers.
Since every app development is different, it’s not possible to give a general estimate of the effort involved. However, so that you can assess whether the investment in an app project is worthwhile for you, we have built in processes into the collaboration that ensure you know what you are getting into at all times.
The technologies available for app development are seemingly endless. There is almost no idea that cannot be implemented.
The app development process is different for each app developer. Usually, the first step is an analysis of the scope, followed by the creation of the first prototypes and then the app development is started. However, the term app development also means the whole process around it and not only the final programming.
Degree programs with the designation “app development” are relatively rare, but definitely exist. More common are degree programs in the field of computer science with a focus on software or app development. There are also training courses on the subject of “application development”.
Yes, you can learn app development. But in order to be able to implement it perfectly in the end, it requires many years of experience and expertise. Therefore, it is advisable to turn to professional app developers with your project. For very small apps, you can find some tools online that can be used to develop apps. Most of these are quite limited and are only suitable for less extensive use cases.
Theoretically, anyone can develop their own apps. Practically, however, it is almost impossible to develop an app without prior technical knowledge. However, to get a professional and high quality result, you should turn to skilled app developers.
There are a large number of programming languages for app development. However, the most common technologies and languages are Java and Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS. In the area of web applications, there is an even much larger choice with Javascript or frameworks based on Javascript. An overview of some technologies, languages & topics can be found here.
Admittedly, an app is always associated with effort and also with costs. However, both can be kept within reasonable limits so that everyone can afford an app. That makes sense in any case!
Nowadays, there are actually some tools that allow you to develop apps yourself for free. However, these apps are hardly customizable and offer hardly any possibilities compared to a real app development.

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