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You would like to have an app developed?

At Platri IT you will find a professional and motivated team that will help you if you want to have an app developed. We stand for quality, innovation and reliability. Through the realization of many app projects for large and small companies, we can already look back on years of experience.
With us, apps are developed interactively with you. You can have a lot of influence and will be involved at any time. Of course, only if you want to! Our developers and designers are creative, think innovatively and are happy to make suggestions or steer you in the right direction. In any case, Platri is the right address if you want to have an app developed!

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Our offer as an app agency:

Geöffnete Web-Apps auf Laptop und Tablet

Web Apps

Web application development

Android Apps auf Smartphone

iOS & Android Apps

Mobile app development on Android & iOs

Virtual Design mit Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Development of games for e.g. virtual reality

UX Design bei Platri IT

UI/UX Design

User friendly applications & designs

What kind of app do I need?

  • Do I need a mobile app, respectively should the application be installed & used on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or similar)?
  • Or do I need a web app, with which the application is used via a web browser on any end device (e.g. laptop) without prior installation?
  • Do I need a native app, i.e. an app that is primarily designed & optimized for a specific operating system on your device (i.e. Android or iOs)?
  • Or do I need a hybrid app, i.e. a mobile application that is less complex but developed for many operating systems (i.e. Android and iOs)?
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Do you already know what you need?

  • You have already gained experience and had apps developed. Then you know what it’s all about and we can exchange content right away!
  • You have no such previous experience, but you have informed yourself sufficiently. Then you have an idea about your wishes and can communicate them with us!
  • You have only a rough idea so far, but still no approach how this idea could be implemented. Then we help you to implement this idea and to create a clear structure from a rough concept!
  • None of these cases applies to you? Never mind, we will find a suitable solution for you too!
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App development in 6 steps

  • Preliminary talk
  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Development
  • constant involvement
  • Acceptance

Our app development steps explained in detail:

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Few steps to your own app

1) Fill out the form and tell us what kind of app you need.

We will contact you immediately after receiving it to record your requirements and answer all your questions.

We are able to present you a suitable concept within a few days already.

You decide after the discussions with us whether you wish to cooperate.

We handle the contractual and start the app development together with you.

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Why you should have an app programmed by us:

Planung der Programmierung von mobilen Apps

How do we program apps?

App development for us always starts with an idea and several questions. What problem should the app be able to solve? What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the idea? What features should the app have and what should it look like? These and many other questions are clarified and worked out in preliminary discussions and workshops with our customers and employees. Only then do we start with the actual app development, in which we make use of common technologies and programming languages. From the start of programming to completion and acceptance, the customer is always involved, can review progress and make suggestions. Once the development of the app is finished, we support with updates, improvements & changes and offer continuous support.

How do we program apps?