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We develop mobile apps together with you. Our app agency helps to develop impressive apps within the shortest possible time, to optimise company processes, to reflect your brand and to present your company in the best possible light.

App Entwicklung mit Platri IT

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Do you have initial ideas, is there a concept, are you in the middle of a development phase or do you already have an existing app? If you want to have an individual app developed, we are the right team for you.

  • App development from simple MVPs to complex enterprise apps

  • Use of the latest technologies

  • Competent team of over 30 employees

Our offer as an app agency

When developing app applications, we adapt to your individual needs. We advise you extensively, whereby you can determine the full range of app programming yourself. If you have further ideas, we can add new functions to your product at any time.

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Whether cross, native, complex or hybrid apps – we create intelligent solutions that help your company overcome all challenges. We guarantee fast access to certain data so you save a lot of time.

Our expertise:

  • iOS & Android
  • Web-Apps

  • UI / UX Design

  • Gaming Apps

  • Marketing

  • Enterprise mobile Apps

  • Social networks

  • Mobile Messenger

  • VR & AR Apps

  • And many more

Why Platri IT?

We develop your app together with you and implement your ideas. Our app developers have proven experience at senior level and have already developed numerous solutions for companies (including DAX companies, companies in the automotive industry, etc.).

Many years of experience & expertise

Safety and quality control

Customer proximity and open communication

German development team

First-class user experience

Innovative app solutions

Effective marketing of your app

Comprehensible offer

App developement in 5 steps

App projects we are proud of

Web App Entwicklung von Danceflavors auf Smartphone und Laptop

Plattform App


Online platform as a digital solution for dance schools and dancers.

App Entwicklung der Clippic App

Mobile App


App development with the framework Flutter as well as in Swift and Kotlin.

App Entwicklung von Mobile Game

Web App


Platform for visualization of company successes & milestones

Flutter Logo
Nest JS


Java • Angular • React • Flutter • PHP • Python • Javascript • SQL • Android • Kotlin • Swift • Typescript • NestJs • NoSQL • C#

Technologies that we use

With every new app development we clarify which technologies we use to achieve the best possible result with Scrum. For example we can develop web apps with Angular and mobile apps with Flutter. If you want to have a mobile app programmed it must also always be programmed to match the desired operating system.

We speak of native app development when you have an Android app programmed, for example. Programming languages such as Java or Kotlin are used for this. We develop IOS apps with Swift. In the hybrid environment we use technologies such as Ionic with which we only create an app “once” and a framework such as Ionic then automatically “compile” this development for each operating system.

How do we develope apps?

App programming always starts with an idea. The following questions often arise: What problem should the app be able to solve? What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the idea? What features should the app have and what should it look like? Open questions are clarified and worked out in detail in preliminary talks and workshops with our customers. If you are looking for an iOS and Android agency or even Flutter, Ionic or Xamarin, then Platri IT is the right place for you.

After clarification of all important questions and creation of a basic concept, we start with the app development in which we use the common technologies and programming languages. From the start of programming to completion and acceptance you will always be involved so you can review progress and make suggestions at any time. Once the development of the app is complete we will continue to support you with updates, changes, marketing and ongoing support, if you wish.

Industry expertise in all areas

  • Automotive
  • Public sector

  • Insurance

  • Banking and finance

  • Medicine

  • Marketing & E-Commerce

  • And many more

Any questions? To the FAQ

App development costs

How much does it cost to have an app built? If you want to have a fully functional app created by an app development agency, you should calculate with a budget of 5,000€. Small and simple apps can already be realised for 5,000€ – 10,000€. An MVP (app is reduced to essential functions) can be developed for 10,000€ to 15,000€.

An app with full functions and backend can cost between 50,000€ and 100,000€.

Since many factors can be added it is difficult to say offhand how much the app will cost to create. Depending on the scope and functions that are added the app development costs will increase. For this reason the price will be discussed in detail and transparently with the customer during a consultation.

To receive a concrete app cost estimate please contact our app development agency. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge for you.

Frequently asked Questions about App Developement

  • Do I need a mobile App, is the application supposed to be installed and used on a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.)?
  • Or do I need a Web App with which the Application will be used in a Web Browser on any device without prior installation
  • Do I need a native App, that means an App that is designed and optimized for a spezific operating System (like Android or iOS)?
  • Or do I need a hybrid App, that means a mobile Application that is less complex but developed for many operating Systems?

Are you still unsure of what kind of App you need than get a free consultation.

  • You already have experience and have had some apps developed. Then you know what it’s all about and we can exchange content right away!
  • You have no such previous experience, but you have informed yourself sufficiently. Then you have an idea about your wishes and can communicate them with us!
  • You have only a rough idea so far but no approach yet how this idea could be implemented. Then we help you to implement this idea and to create a clear structure from a rough concept!
  • None of these cases apply to you? That’s okay, we will find a suitable solution for you too!

You have already developed a concept and know what you need? Then contact us and we will find the right solution together with you!

This cannot be said as a general rule, since every app development involves a different amount of work and therefore also takes different amounts of time. Simple apps can be completed in just a few weeks or months whereas the development of more complex apps can take several years. We always work with you to create a schedule in advance so you can estimate when your app will be online and functional.

Developing an app is very complex and therefore should be done by professionals. Therefore it is important to pay attention to who you have an app created by, what references the company has and how close they can work with the developers.


Since every app development is different it’s impossible to give a general estimate of the time and effort involved. However, so that you can assess whether the investment in an app project is worthwhile for you we have built in processes into the collaboration that ensure you know what you are getting into at all times.

The app development process is different for each app developer. Usually, the first step is an analysis of the scope followed by the creation of the first prototypes and then the app development is started. However, the term app development also means the whole process around it and not only the final programming.

Yes, you can learn app development. But in order to be able to implement it perfectly in the end it requires many years of experience and expertise. Therefore, it is advisable to turn to professional app developers with your project. For very small apps you can find some tools online that can be used to develop apps. Most of these are quite limited and are only suitable for less extensive use cases.

Theoretically, anyone can develop their own apps. Practically, however, it is almost impossible to develop an app without prior technical knowledge. However, to get a professional and high quality result, you should turn to skilled app developers.

There is a large number of programming languages for app development. However, the most common technologies and languages are Java and Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS. In the area of web applications, there is an even much larger choice with Javascript or frameworks based on Javascript. You can find an overview of some technologies, languages & themes here.

If you are looking for an Android agency, iOS agency, Flutter agency, Ionic agency or Xamarin agency, Platri IT is the right place for you.

Admittedly, an app is always associated with effort and also with costs. However, both can be kept within reasonable limits so that everyone can afford an app. That makes sense in any case!

Nowadays, there are actually some tools that allow you to develop apps yourself for free. However, these apps are hardly customizable and offer hardly any possibilities compared to a real app development.

Study programs with the designation “app development” are relatively rare but definitely exist. More common are study programs in the field of computer science with a focus on software or app development. There are also training courses on the subject of “application development”.

The technologies available for app development are seemingly endless. There is almost no idea that cannot be implemented.

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