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Temporary employment & freelancer placement with Platri IT

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Our offer for companies & professionals

For companies:

Temporary employment

  • Up to the maximum transfer period while guaranteeing the legal framework such as Equal Pay or interruption periods.


  • For our experts and freelancers from our network via service or work contracts as legal framework.

Project support

  • We also support your company during your projects in personnel matters and other matters.


For professionals:

Preparation for jobs

  • We discuss your wishes and goals for your professional future and prepare you for your next tasks through special trainings.

 Mediation to companies

  • Based on your qualifications, wishes & ideas we will find a perfectly fitting company with exciting projects for you.

Accompaniment of the further career

  • We will support you after the placement and provide assistance with professional and technical questions.

In which areas we work & mediate:

IT Services

App & Web Development


Who can be considered for our personnel service?

Our personnel services are interesting for both companies and employees.
We work individually with each party to find the perfect solution to achieve your goals and make your project a success. If you or your company fits one of the following descriptions, please contact us.


If you are running a company that is looking for experts and highly qualified professionals from the IT industry, you have come to the right place. We place both individuals and entire teams for your projects. In doing so, we ourselves make sure that the experts have the necessary technical knowledge and are well prepared. You can either work with us on a one-off basis or aim for a long-term cooperation in which we either recruit staff for new projects on a regular basis or find employees to work with you for a certain period of time.

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IT-Fachkraft arbeitet am Computer


Are you a trained IT specialist or on the way to becoming one? Then we offer you the perfect service. We are looking for projects and companies that fit you and your goals, and will refer you to others. If you still lack the necessary knowledge of certain technologies, you can also learn these from us and will be optimally adjusted to your new task. We offer this service to employees looking for a temporary job, but mainly to freelancers who want to find a new project.