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We deal with the development of qualitative, innovative & reliable software solutions. Whether web applications, mobile apps or online platforms – Platri IT creates your individual software. We can already look back on a number of successful software projects, which you are welcome to see in our portfolio.
We design the development of your software interactively and together with you. You can exert influence at any time and will be involved at your own request. Our developers and designers are creative, think innovatively and are happy to help you move forward with your own suggestions.

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Geöffnete Web-Apps auf Laptop und Tablet

Web development

Development of web applications, such as single page applications & progressive web apps

Android Apps auf Smartphone

App development

Mobile native or hybrid apps, optimized for all devices, on Android, iOs or Windows

UX Design bei Platri IT

Custom software

Consulting, conception & implementation of individual software solutions for companies

What is custom software development?

An individual software development is designed exactly to the requirements, ideas and wishes of your company. But what does that mean exactly and what are concrete examples of an individual software?
Custom software can take on many different internal company tasks. From tools for creating invoices, to accounting software, to portals or platforms for employees and customers: Custom software can digitize a lot of the company’s processes in an optimal way. It doesn’t matter if it’s just smaller tools or larger enterprise solutions – we have the knowledge.
Since in many cases important data of employees, customers or company figures are involved, custom software solutions should be very data-sensitive – and secure. In addition, intuitive, user-friendly and reliable operation is enormously important to achieve the best results.
To ensure all this, you should not choose off-the-shelf software, but have custom software developed.
Still questions? Then our FAQ can certainly help you.

What is custom software development?

Software development in 6 steps

  • Preliminary talk
  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Acceptance

Our software development steps explained in detail:

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Why you should have software developed by us:

How do we develop software?

Software development for us always starts with the idea of an application that should solve a problem, that is unique and that has several features. All features of the software are discussed in preliminary meetings with our customers and further elaborated in a workshop together with our employees. Only after that we start with the actual software development, where we use all common technologies and programming languages. From the start of programming to completion and acceptance, the customer is always involved, can review progress and make suggestions. As soon as the first development of the software is finished, we continue to support with updates, improvements as well as changes on request and offer the best support.

How do we develop software?
So gehen Softwareentwickler vor
Diese Technologien werden bei Platri verwendet

Which technologies do we master?

Since each application is individual and unique, we discuss with you before each software development which technologies we will use to guarantee the best possible quality. Web applications such as online platforms can be developed by us with Angular, for example. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are developed using Flutter, which needs to be aligned depending on the operating system (i.e. Android or iOS). So depending on the app development, we program with Java, Kotlin or Swift. Other technologies and languages that we master in the front & back end include Java, Javascript, Typescript, PHP, Node.JS, NestJs, React.

Which technologies do we master?