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At Platri IT we deal with the development of web applications of any form. From single page applications, to smaller tools, to complex web apps, our web developers can also implement your software project.

As an agency for web development, we work interactively with you, jointly establish requirements for the system and, if desired, also involve you in the development process. As web app developers, we have already managed several projects and can draw on a lot of expertise. In doing so, we guarantee you excellent performance at a competitive price.

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Our offer as a web development agency:

Planung der Entwicklung von Web-Apps

Web Apps

Conception & development of web applications

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Webentwickler programmiert einen Webservice


Facilitation & digitalization of business processes

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Webentwickler programmiert eine Online Plattform

Online platforms

Development of platforms for user interactions

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Website wird von Webentwicklern erstellt


Development of complete websites & online stores

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What does web development mean?

Web development describes an area of software development in which applications are developed and provided on the Internet. For this purpose, web developers use so-called frameworks. In comparison to app development, no applications are installed and used on the respective end device here. Web applications (or web apps), on the other hand, are used by the end user in any web browser. In this case, this application is stored on a server and not on the end user’s device. The type of application is very diverse and can take many forms.

Overall, the tasks of a web development agency can be divided into different areas: Web app development, provision of web services and the creation of websites or online stores. In a web development agency, all these services are usually taken over by web developers. Then there are the so-called web designers, who strive for the best possible user experience (UX) and the most user-friendly user interface (UI).

Still questions? Then our FAQ can certainly help you.

Web development tasks

Interaktive Planung einer Webentwicklung

Planning & concepts

Interactive collection of ideas, as well as planning their implementation

Programmierer plant Entwicklung im Back End

Back-end programming

Back-end web development, i.e. processing data & interactions.

Programmierer plant Entwicklung im Front End

Front-end programming

Front-end programming, i.e. the development of user interfaces

Planung des Webdesigns einer Webanwendung

Web design & creation

Web design optimized e.g. for customer usability (UX/UI)

Web development in 6 steps

  • Preliminary talk
  • Workshop
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Constant involvement
  • Acceptance

Our web development steps explained in detail:

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Few steps to your web application

1) Fill out the form and tell us what kind of app you need.

2) We will contact you immediately after receiving it to record your requirements and answer all your questions.

3) We are able to present you a suitable concept within a few days already.

4) You decide after the discussions with us whether you wish to cooperate.

5) We handle the contractual and start the app development together with you.

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