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Our core competence as a web development agency is to develop web solutions that put the needs of the end user first and to maximise your business success. Whether the development of individual online portals, e-commerce websites or complex web apps – we always strive to deliver the best results for you.

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Your Agency for professional Web Development

Good web development always starts with an individual strategy that fits the company. This is complemented by experienced software developers and project managers who ultimately produce a result that convinces the end user.

  • Development experience on expert level
  • Individual programming

  • Responsive web design and cross-device development

  • Intuitive user experience (UX/UI design)

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Our Web Development Service

Would you like to have a professional web application programmed or expand an existing solution? We develop and programme web-based solutions from single page applications to smaller tools and complex web projects. Our team will find your individual solution with the help of web & database development, creation of web applications and project management. If you would like personal contact, we will of course be happy to visit you on in person.


Development of complete websites & online shops

Web Services

Facilitation & digitalisation of business processes

Online Platforms

Creation of platforms for user interactions


Conceptual design & development of web applications of any kind

Web Applications & Systems

We programme web applications from single page applications to smaller tools and complex web apps.

  • Online portals

  • Enterprise web systems

  • Content Management Systems

  • Platforms

  • Cloud solutions

  • Social Media

  • E-payment solutions

  • Online shops
  • CRM & ERP as a web solution

  • And much more

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Webanwendung entwickeln lassen
Webentwicklung Beispiel

Online platform for dance schools and dancers


Danceflavors is one of our biggest projects. With this platform, dancers and dance schools can exchange information during classes. It is also intended to facilitate organisational processes.

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Advantages of Web Development with Platri IT

  • Many years of experience & expertise

    As an experienced web development agency, we put a lot of emphasis on overcoming complex challenges of our web projects and promoting your success. Our custom web development expertise spans all industries – from small and medium businesses to large corporations and enterprise solutions.

  • Quality

    We have the highest quality standards for ourselves. Expertise that has already been built up is also constantly expanded and therefore remains up to date.

  • Customer orientation

    We always pay attention to a close and uncomplicated cooperation with our customers and involve them in the development process if desired. In this way, you can regularly see the result and have a hand in the direction in which it should go.

Branchenexpertise in allen Bereichen

  • Automobile
  • Public sector

  • Insurance

  • Banking and finance

  • Medicine

  • Marketing & E-Commerce

  • And many more

This is how your professional web application is created

How do we develop web applications?

As a web development agency, we always aim to implement your requirements and wishes in the best possible way. In an interactive workshop we work that out together with you. It is important for us which features the web application should have, what makes it unique and which customer problem it solves. For the actual web development, we use all common technologies and programming languages.

We always look at which frameworks, languages and databases are the right ones for your project. Even after the web application has been developed, we are available for updates, improvements and changes to provide you with good long-term support.

That is important to us:

  • Support

  • Compliance with coding standards

  • Code documentation

  • Compliance with safety standards

  • Technical performance

  • Extension possibility

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Our development methods

Our web app agency focuses on tailor-made strategies to achieve excellent results:

  • Scrum approach and Kanban methods

    The best proven approaches to agile methods for the best result. Learn your progress after each sprint.

  • Maintenance & technical advice

    It is important to us that your product is fully functional, which is why we correct weaknesses and inconsistencies and thus improve the functions of your software.

  • Agile and iterative methods

    From the development process to the testing phase, agile and iterative methods help to create flexible and efficient software products.

  • Security

    We offer protection against bots, a secure firewall, encrypt URL parameters and grant access control according to 2FA.

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Weitere Technologien

Java • iOS • React • Ionic • PHP • Python • HTML • CSS • MySQL • Android • Kotlin • Swift • Xamarin • Typescript • NestJs

Web development technologies

Since all our web applications are developed individually and thus have to meet different technical requirements, we as a web development agency are able to draw on all important technologies and programming languages.

In addition to Java or JavaScript, this also includes languages such as PHP or Typescript. We also use various frameworks such as Angular, React or Node.Js. Which technology we will use depends on many different factors.

For example, if a progressive web app should be programmed, we use the framework Angular and the programming language Typescript. As a web development agency, we select the best possible package for you so that you don’t have to deal with the technical background.

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What is Web Development?

Web development describes an area of software development in which applications are developed and made available for the Internet. For this purpose, web developers use so-called frameworks. In comparison to app development, no applications are installed and used on the respective end device. Web applications (or web apps) are used by the end user in any web browser. In the process, this application is stored on a server. The type of application is very diverse and can take different forms.

The tasks of a web development agency can be divided into different areas:

  • Development of web applications (web apps)
  • Provision of web services
  • Creation of websites or online shops

In a web development agency, all these services are usually handled by web developers and project managers. In addition, web designers take care of the best possible user experience (UX) and a user-friendly user interface (UI).

Related disciplines of web development are:

  • Software architecture
  • Database development
  • Project management
  • software engineering
  • Web design
  • SEO Marketing
  • Cloud Computing?

What does a Web Application cost?

The costs of a web application or website vary greatly depending on the type. Whether it’s an online shop, web app or web service – a web development will usually cost at least €2,500-10,000, depending on the technical complexity. For larger projects, sums of 50,000-100,000 € and higher are common, as whole teams of developers, project managers and designers are necessary for the implementation.

We would be happy to discuss the individual price of your project with you in a free initial meeting.

Web Wevelopment Advantages

Landing pages, portfolios and blogs can still be realised with some technical knowledge, but with more complexity you also need more know-how regarding various programming skills. The money you invest in a professional web application will save you time. A professional web agency has a lot of experience in development and project management and knows what is important for a user-friendly application. Thus, in the end, the website not only works technically, but also convinces its customers.

Was ist individuelle Softwareentwicklung?

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