Software development for parking management system in America


For a software project in America Platri IT has taken over the web development. A parking management system in the major cities of the USA. More precisely an online platform has been developed where customers can search, find, reserve and pay for parking spaces.

Logo von Parkobility Airport Parking

Development ofย  a Web-App

What does the platform offer?

The online platform Parkobility is designed to make it easier for drivers in the large and small cities of the USA to find a parking space. With millions of cars now driving around in the individual cities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place for one’s car. Especially for a longer period of time it is very complicated for private persons to get a parking space. With Parkobility, users can specify the location when and where they need a place for their car. Then they can choose from a variety of offers, make reservations and pay.

Logo von Parkobility Airport Parking

What role does Platri IT play ?

Platri IT has developed this web application entirely by themselves. This means that the software has been completely developed and built by us. In this project the development includes the frontend, the backend and the design. In addition, individual marketing aspects (especially SEO & SEA) for the platform are taken care of for the platform.

What is the state of development ?

The project was started in September 2020 and has been online with all basic functions since the beginning of 2021. The development and programming with Angular and NestJs as well as the creation of the design of the individual pages is completed for now. Currently, the focus is on SEO and social media marketing, as well as the completion of the final pages. In addition, the customer journey and the user experience are constantly being improved.

Are you interested in this project?

If you have any questions about Parkobility or need more information, feel free to contact us via our contact form. You are also welcome to take a look at the platform directly on to get an idea yourself.