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What is GeoLOG?

GeoLOG is a cutting-edge software solution specifically designed to optimize the process of backfilling boreholes on large construction sites. These boreholes are essential to check the site for bombs and other foreign objects, which is an important safety measure for any large construction site.

The challenge when backfilling these boreholes is to ensure their stability and load-bearing capacity. This is where GeoLOG comes into play. The software complements a state-of-the-art machine developed in-house by our customer and a patented backfill material to ensure efficient and safe backfilling.

GeoLOG is more than just a control software. It is a communication hub that collects data on each individual borehole and the ongoing backfilling process. This data is collected layer by layer and can be viewed and analyzed in real time by construction workers, planners and site managers. This enables precise monitoring and control of the backfilling process, which significantly increases efficiency on the construction site.

A key aspect of GeoLOG is the digital documentation of backfill data. This is not only important for tracking and quality assurance, but also complies with legal requirements. Digital recording ensures that all safety and compliance requirements are met.

In short, GeoLOG revolutionizes the backfilling process on large construction sites with state-of-the-art technology, increases safety and efficiency and ensures that legal requirements are easily met.

What is the current situation?

In 2023, the GeoLOG project reached a significant milestone with the completion of version 1 of the software. This first version represents a comprehensive solution for the management and execution of backfilling processes on large construction sites.

A key feature of the software is the ability to create and manage projects. Users can easily import borehole data from CSV files, ensuring a smooth workflow. The seamless integration of the software with the backfilling machine allows machine data to be retrieved directly and processed in real time. This data is not only efficiently captured, but also stored and documented, ensuring adherence to safety and compliance standards.

A particularly innovative feature of GeoLOG is the stand-alone mode, which offers an option to carry out backfilling without using the machine. This increases the flexibility and applicability of the software for different types of construction projects.

With these functions, GeoLOG is not only a tool to support the machine, but also offers stand-alone solutions that meet the requirements and conditions on construction sites. Version 1 of GeoLOG is therefore a decisive step towards more efficient, safer and more flexible backfilling processes on construction sites.

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