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Individual software development

We are the Platri IT collective and carry out customised software development of qualitative, innovative & reliable solutions for you. Optimise your business processes with the help of individual software, web applications, mobile apps or online platforms. Platri IT creates tailor-made solutions for every company!

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The languages we speak

Every application is individual and unique. That’s why our app developers discuss which technologies we will use with you before each project.

Web applications such as online platforms can be developed using Angular, for example. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are programmed with Flutter. These must be aligned with the respective operating system (i.e. Android or iOS). We identify which technology is best suited to your project.


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How do we develop individual software?

For us, individual software development always starts with the idea of an application. The requirements must match those of your company. They must also be unique and have exactly the features that YOU need.

In a preliminary meeting about your software, we discuss the defined business objectives and the scope of the project. We advise your company on the relevant technologies and limitations. If you have any questions about development, we are always available to answer them.

Only then do we start with the actual software development. We use the technologies and programming languages that best suit your project. You are always involved from the start of programming to completion. You can also view all progress interactively and make suggestions at any time.

As soon as the first customised software programming has been completed, we will continue to support you with updates and changes on request.

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Our development methods

Our software agency focuses on personalised strategies to achieve excellent results:

Scrum approach – and Kanban methods
Agile development methods such as Scrum and Kanban let us react quickly to changing requirements and continually optimise product development.
Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
The use of CI/CD pipelines makes the automated provision of software easier, speeding up the market launch of new functions and ensuring continuous quality control.
Design Thinking
Design thinking places the needs and perspectives of users at the centre of product development and enables the creation of intuitive and user-friendly products.
Lean Development
Lean development principles aim to reduce waste and maximise value flow, allowing companies to work more effectively and concentrate on developing features that provide real value to customers.
Domain Driven Design (DDD)
DDD focuses on modelling software around the core functionalities and business areas (domains) and uses the concept of "domain story telling" to communicate and develop requirements and connections within the domains.
Service oriented architecture (SoA)
Modern IT companies rely on SoA to split software into independent services, which promotes scalability, maintainability and flexibility.
Collaborative culture
A collaborative culture encourages cooperation between development and other areas to guarantee effective and efficient product development.
Security and compliance
The security of software and data is a top priority, so modern IT companies integrate security and compliance checks into the development process right from the start.
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Frequently asked questions on individual software development

What is meant by software?

The term software refers to applications, programmes or platforms that can be interacted with. The user can use, control and operate the software with an end device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. The processes within software are recorded and programmed using a large number of scripts.

What is individual software?

Individual software describes an application that has been specially developed for a customer and implemented according to their wishes and requirements. This customised software solution is unique and significantly more complex to develop than standard software for general use.

What is the difference between standard software and individual software?

The difference between standard software and individual software is that the latter is an individual software development for your company or your requirements. It is developed specifically according to your wishes and is customised to your requirements and wishes. Standard software, on the other hand, is a fully developed product that in most cases is not customised.

How is software developed?

In most cases, software is developed by programmers who use various technologies and programming languages to write scripts that define and control the features of the respective application.

What does software development involve?

The development of software is not just about simple programming. It begins much earlier with the planning and conception of the application and is completed by subsequent tests, updates and optimisations. Because every piece of software is unique, the scope of each development is always different.

How does software development work?

Software development begins with the planning of the application. This is followed by the actual development, which is completed by tests and updates. For the software development itself, several programmers usually work simultaneously on the creation of scripts that describe the processes and features of the respective software.

What is important for software development?

When developing software, it is important that the application can solve a real problem, is unique and has been professionally implemented. Therefore, you should turn to experienced and qualified developers if you want to realise a software project. They will then ensure that costs and effort are kept to a minimum and that the software runs reliably in the end.

Why have individual software developed?

Even if companies sometimes get by with standard software for their processes and work steps, customised software development makes more sense in most cases. The individually developed software is perfectly tailored to the workflows, processes and requirements of the company and offers the best solution for the digitalisation of company workflows.

How do I develop software?

Software is usually developed by professional programmers who use various technologies and programming languages to write scripts that define the processes of the respective application. To be able to do this requires many years of training, such as a degree and practical experience.

How much does it cost to develop software?

Every piece of software is individual and unique, which is why the cost is always different. For this reason, it is not possible to give a generalised price for software. If you want to have professional and reliable software created, you should expect to pay several thousand euros, although there is no upper limit.

How much does individual software cost?

As individual software is always unique, it is not possible to give a fixed cost for such a product. Due to the individualisation and the focus on your personal wishes and requirements, you can expect to pay several €10,000.

How much does a good programmer cost?

A distinction must be made here as to whether you only want to hire a programmer for a short project, need an entire team or want to outsource the software development completely to another company. As every piece of software is different, it is not possible to quote a fixed price for a programmer. However, the hourly rate for a very good programmer can be around €100.

What is the difference between a programmer and a software developer?

In common parlance, the two terms probably mean the same thing. Strictly speaking, however, a programmer is only responsible for coding, i.e. writing scripts, whereas a software developer is involved in the entire software project.

What makes a good software developer?

A good software developer works professionally and reliably. This includes not only the actual programming, but also the planning, conception and realisation of the entire project. Good contact with the customer is essential, as the software solution should be customised to the respective wishes in order to implement the ideas and concepts in the best possible way.

What do I need to do to become a programmer?

Unfortunately, you can't become a programmer overnight. You need many years of training, such as a degree in computer science. After that, practical experience is essential.

What do you have to study to become a software developer?

To become a software developer, it is advisable to study computer science. There are various programmes on offer, such as business or media informatics. At selected universities, you can also take courses that deal directly with software development.

What do you need to graduate as a software developer?

The term software developer is not protected in this respect, so you don't have to have a specific qualification. In theory, you can also work as a software developer without a degree. However, a high school diploma followed by a degree in computer science is recommended.

What languages does a software developer use?

The most common languages used by software developers include JavaScript, Java, Python, C Sharp and PHP. Due to the large number of programming languages and technologies, it is decided on an individual basis which is most suitable for the new project.

What is a software process?

A software process describes the complete development of software. In addition to the actual development and programming, this also includes the planning and design of the application. Development is then followed by several tests, optimisations and updates as well as acceptance with the customer.

What development processes exist?

There are many development processes in the field of software development. The best-known processes include agile software development, the Scrum method, Kanban and the waterfall model. These processes include the complete development, design and acceptance of software.

What does agile software development mean?

Agile software development is a very agile and flexible form of application development. The main aim is to release smaller components of the software at regular intervals so that the customer always receives new functional updates. Agile software development refers to a very interactive and customer-friendly method of creating software processes.


About individual software development in ...

Below you will find articles on the topic of software development in various German locations. How big is the industry in the respective city? Are there any subsidies?

How are the respective cities positioned overall in terms of digitalisation, infrastructure and research? And how can Platri IT in the cities help you with customised software development?

What is individual software development?

Individual software development is tailored precisely to the requirements, ideas and wishes of your company. But what exactly does that mean? What are specific examples of customised software?

Individual software programming can take on many different internal company tasks. From tools for creating invoices and accounting software to portals or platforms for employees and customers.

Individual software can optimally digitalise a large number of company processes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just smaller tools or larger enterprise solutions. We have the knowledge.

Individual software solutions should be very data-sensitive – and secure. Especially because in many cases it involves important data from employees, customers or company figures. Intuitive, user-friendly and reliable operation is also extremely important. This is how the best results can be achieved.

To ensure all this, you should not choose off-the-shelf software. You should have individual software developed for you.


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