Individual Software Development

We deal with the development of qualitative, innovative & reliable software solutions. Optimise your business processes with the help of individual software, web applications, mobile apps or online platforms – Platri IT creates tailor-made solutions for every company.

Individuelle Software­entwicklung

Wir befassen uns mit der Entwicklung von qualitativen, innovativen & zuverlässigen Softwarelösungen. Optimieren Sie Ihre Geschäftsprozesse mithilfe von Individualsoftware, Web-Anwendungen, mobilen Apps oder Online Plattformen – Platri IT erschafft maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für jedes Unternehmen.

We develop your individual Software

  • We realise all software solutions for start-ups as well as large companies.
  • Tailored to your individual needs – you define the complete spectrum of services yourself.

  • You can add more functions to your product at any time.

Individuelle Softwareentwicklung am Beispiel Danceflavors

Our Offer – Software Development On-Demand

Optimise business processes with customised enterprise software solutions. Simplify your business processes with customised, secure & scalable products. We design the development of your software interactively and together with you. You are involved at your own request and can exert influence at any time. Our developers and designers are experienced in their field and will help you move forward with your own suggestions.

Individuelle Softwareentwicklung machen lassen bei Webentwicklung Agentur

Web Apps & Systems

We program web applications from single page applications to smaller tools and complex web apps.

  • Online portals

  • Enterprise Web Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Platforms
  • Cloud Solutions
  • ETL Software

  • Social Media

  • E-payment solutions

  • Online Shops
  • CRM & ERP Solutions

Mobile Apps

Our custom software offering – complex mobile, cross, native or hybrid apps. We create intelligent solutions that help your business overcome any challenges.

  • Mobile apps for businesses
  • Apps for social networks
  • Messenger
  • Online Shopd as Apps
  • Small Business Apps

  • Geolocation
  • Camera Software & Image Processing
  • Gaming Apps

Individuelle Softwareentwicklung anhand einer mobilen App

Individual Software Development – Advantages

  • Many years of experience & expertise

    As an experienced custom software agency, we place great emphasis on overcoming the complex challenges of our software projects and promoting your success. We want to support your success. Our expertise in custom software development spans all industries – from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.

  • Quality control

    We have the highest quality standards for ourselves and can therefore assure you that you will receive the best possible quality from us.

  • Customer proximity

    We always pay attention to a close and uncomplicated cooperation with our customers and involve them in the development process if desired. This means that you can see the result after each sprint and have a say in the direction in which it should go.

Industry expertise in all areas

  • Automotive
  • Public sector

  • Insurance

  • Banking and finance

  • Medicine

  • Marketing & E-Commerce

  • And many more

This is how your individual software is created

How do we develop software?

Software development for us always starts with the idea of an application. This application should meet the requirements of your company. It should also be unique and include the exact features you need.

In a preliminal meeting we discuss the predefined business goals and extend of the project. We consult your company regarding relevant technology as well as limitations. If you have any questions about the developement we are always available to clear them up.

Only after that we start with the actual software development, where we use all common technologies and programming languages that fit your project. From the start of programming to completion and acceptance, the customer is always involved and can review progress and make suggestions.
As soon as the first development of the software is finished, we continue to support with updates, improvements as well as changes on request and offer the best support.

Any questions? To the FAQ

Our Development Methods

Our software agency focuses on tailor-made strategies to achieve excellent results:

  • Scrum-approach and Kanban-methods.

    The best approaches to agile methods for the best result – Discern your progress after each sprint.

  • Maintenance & Support

    It is important to us that your product is fully functional, which is why we correct weaknesses and inconsistencies and thus improve the functions of your software.

  • Agile and iterative methods

    From the development process to the testing phase, agile and iterative methods help to create flexible and efficient software products.

  • Security

    We offer protection against bots, a secure firewall, encrypt URL parameters and grant access control according to 2FA.

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Nest JS

Other technologies

Java • Angular• iOS • React • ionic • Flutter• PHP • Python • HTML • Javascript • SQL • CSS • MySQL • Android • Kotlin • Swift • Xamarin • Typescript • NestJs • C#

Have software developed with these technologies

Since each application is individual and unique, we discuss with you before each software development which technologies we will use to guarantee the best possible quality. Web applications such as online platforms can be developed by us with Angular, for example.

Mobile apps, on the other hand, are developed using Flutter, which needs to be aligned depending on the operating system (i.e. Android or iOS). So depending on the app development, we program with Java, Kotlin or Swift. Other technologies and languages that we master in the front- & backend include Java, Javascript, Typescript, PHP, Node.JS, NestJs, React.

Frequently asked Questions on Software Developement

The term software refers to applications, programs or platforms that can be interacted with. The user can use, control and operate the software with an end device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. The processes within a software are recorded and programmed with a variety of scripts.
Custom software describes an application that has been developed specifically for a customer and implemented entirely according to his wishes and requirements. This individual software solution is unique and significantly more costly to develop than standard software for general use.
The difference between a standard software and a custom software is that the latter is an individual software solution for your company or your concern. It is developed specifically according to your wishes and fits tailor-made to your requirements and wishes. In contrast, a standard software is an already developed product that in most cases does not receive any more personal adjustments.
Software in most cases is developed by programmers who use various technologies and programming languages to write scripts that define and control the features of the particular application.
The development of software is not done with simple programming. It begins much earlier with the planning and conception of the application and is completed in the wake of tests, updates and optimizations. Due to the fact that each software is unique, the scope of each development is also always different.
Software development begins with the planning of the application. Then follows the actual development, which is completed by tests and updates. For the software development itself, several programmers usually deal simultaneously with the creation of scripts that describe the processes and features of the respective software.
The important thing in software development is that the application can solve a real problem, is unique and professionally implemented. Therefore, if you want to implement a software project, you should turn to experienced and qualified developers. They will then ensure that costs and efforts remain as low as possible and that the software runs reliably in the end.
Even though companies sometimes get by with standard software for their processes and work steps, custom software makes more sense in most cases. The individually developed software is perfectly tailored to the company’s workflows, processes and requirements and offers the best solution for the digitization of company workflows.
Software is mostly developed by professional programmers who use various technologies and programming languages to write scripts that define the processes of the particular application. To be able to perform this, it requires many years of education, such as a degree and practical experience.
Each software is individual and unique, therefore the effort is always different. For this reason, you can not name a flat price for a software. If you want to have a professional and reliable software created, you have to reckon with several thousand euros, whereby there is no upper limit.
Since an individual software is always unique, you can not name a flat rate cost for such a product. Due to the individualization and the focus on your personal wishes and requirements, you can expect several 10.000€.
You have to differentiate whether you want to hire a programmer only for a short project, need a whole team or want to leave the software development completely in the hands of another company. Since every software is different, it is not possible to name a flat rate for a programmer. However, the hourly rate for a very good programmer can be around 100€.
In common parlance, the two terms probably mean the same thing. Strictly speaking, however, a programmer is only responsible for coding, i.e. writing scripts, whereas a software developer is involved in the entire software project.
A good software developer works professionally and reliably. This includes not only the actual programming, but also the planning, conception and execution of the entire project. Essential is a good contact with the customer, because the software solution should be tailored to the respective wishes to implement the ideas and ideas best possible.
Unfortunately, you can’t become a programmer overnight. You need many years of training, such as a degree in computer science. After that, practical experience is essential.
To become a software developer, it is advisable to study computer science. There are various offers such as business or media informatics. At selected universities, you can also take courses that deal directly with software development.
The term software developer is not protected in this respect, so you do not have to have a specific degree for it. Theoretically, you can also work as a software developer without a degree. However, a high school diploma followed by a degree in computer science is recommended.
The most common languages used by a software developer are mainly JavaScript, Java, Python, C Sharp and PHP. Due to the variety of programming languages and technologies, it is decided individually which one is most suitable for the new project.
The main programming languages used by software developers are JavaScript, Java, Python, C Sharp and PHP. Due to the high number of programming languages and technologies, it must be decided each time anew which language is the best for the respective project. Therefore, it is not really possible to say which is the most important programming language.
A software process describes the complete development of a software. In addition to the actual development and programming, this also includes the planning and conception of the application. The development is followed by several tests, optimizations and updates as well as the acceptance with the customer.
There are a lot of development processes in the field of software development. The best-known processes include agile software development, the Scrum method, Kanban and the waterfall model. These processes include the complete development as well as conception and acceptance of a software.
Agile software development is a very agile and flexible form of application development. Above all, it is about releasing smaller components of the software at regular intervals so that the customer always receives new functional updates. Agile software development means a very interactive and customer-friendly method of creating software processes.

What is custom software development?

An individual software development is designed exactly to the requirements, ideas and wishes of your company. But what does that mean exactly and what are concrete examples of an individual software?

Custom software can take on many different internal company tasks. From tools for creating invoices, to accounting software, to portals or platforms for employees and customers: Custom software can digitize a lot of the company’s processes in an optimal way. It doesn’t matter if it’s just smaller tools or larger enterprise solutions – we have the knowledge.

Since in many cases important data of employees, customers or company figures are involved, custom software solutions should be very data-sensitive – and secure. In addition, intuitive, user-friendly and reliable operation is enormously important to achieve the best results.

To ensure all this, you should not choose off-the-shelf software, but have custom software developed.
Still questions? Then our FAQ can certainly help you.

Was ist individuelle Softwareentwicklung?

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