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Web development agency

Our core competence as a web development agency lies in developing web applications that put the needs of the end user first and thus maximise your business success. Whether it’s the development of customised online portals, e-commerce websites or complex web apps, we always strive to deliver the best results for you.

More than 100 companies trust Platri IT.

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Your agency for professional web development

Successful web development always starts with a customised strategy that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the company.

Our range of services includes the development of various web applications, from single page applications to smaller tools and complex web applications.


The languages we speak

Every application is individual and unique. That’s why our app developers discuss which technologies we will use with you before each project.

Web applications such as online platforms can be developed using Angular, for example. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are programmed with Flutter. These must be aligned with the respective operating system (i.e. Android or iOS). We identify which technology is best suited to your project.


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Our service as a web development agency

Would you like to have a professional web application developed or extend an existing solution? Our web development agency develops and programmes web-based applications from single page applications to smaller tools and complex web projects. Our team will find a customised solution for you with the help of web & database development, web application creation and project management. If you would like personal contact, we will of course also be happy to visit you on site.

// how we work

Our development methods

Our software agency focuses on personalised strategies to achieve excellent results:

Scrum approach – and Kanban methods
Agile development methods such as Scrum and Kanban let us react quickly to changing requirements and continually optimise product development.
Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
The use of CI/CD pipelines makes the automated provision of software easier, speeding up the market launch of new functions and ensuring continuous quality control.
Design Thinking
Design thinking places the needs and perspectives of users at the centre of product development and enables the creation of intuitive and user-friendly products.
Lean Development
Lean development principles aim to reduce waste and maximise value flow, allowing companies to work more effectively and concentrate on developing features that provide real value to customers.
Domain Driven Design (DDD)
DDD focuses on modelling software around the core functionalities and business areas (domains) and uses the concept of "domain story telling" to communicate and develop requirements and connections within the domains.
Service oriented architecture (SoA)
Modern IT companies rely on SoA to split software into independent services, which promotes scalability, maintainability and flexibility.
Collaborative culture
A collaborative culture encourages cooperation between development and other areas to guarantee effective and efficient product development.
Security and compliance
The security of software and data is a top priority, so modern IT companies integrate security and compliance checks into the development process right from the start.

How do we develop web applications?

As a professional web development agency, we always endeavour to implement your requirements and wishes in the best possible way. That’s why we work with you to develop these in an interactive workshop. It is important which features the web application should have, what makes it unique and which customer problem it solves. During the actual web development, we use all common technologies and programming languages. We always look at which frameworks, languages and databases are the right ones for your project. Even after the web application has been developed, we are available for updates, improvements and changes in order to offer you good long-term support.

// FAQ

Frequently asked questions on web development

What is web development?

Web development describes the development of applications that are used on the internet and do not have to be installed on a device. Web developers use so-called frameworks for this purpose.

How does web development work?

In web development, applications are developed with various frameworks and in various programming languages, which are then made available for use via a web browser.

Why web development?

Compared to app development, web development has the advantage that the user does not have to install an application on their end device. This means that web apps, which are nevertheless customised and elaborate, can be used simply via an Internet browser.

Is web development software development?

Web development is always also software development, but not the other way round. Web development is an area of software development that includes the development of web apps, web services and other web-based applications.

What do you do as a web developer?

As a web developer, you design, plan and develop web applications. To do this, you first analyse the customer's requirements, create a software architecture and then develop this application.

Where can I find web developers?

As web development is very complex, you should turn to professionals. These are mainly found in web development agencies, such as Platri. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

What is a web programmer?

A web programmer is a web developer who designs, plans and develops applications. To do this, they first analyse the customer's requirements, create a software architecture and then develop the application.

How much do you earn as a web developer?

A web developer often performs very complex tasks and is accordingly well paid. In most cases, the starting salary is over €40,000, while an experienced senior web developer can earn over €60,000 or more.

What do you need to become a web developer?

In order to work as a web developer, it is advisable to have a degree in computer science as well as a lot of practical experience. However, this is not absolutely necessary, as the term "web developer" is not protected.

What languages as a web developer?

As web applications are very complex and always customised, it is advisable to master several programming languages as a web developer. The most important languages include JavaScript, PHP and Java. A sound knowledge of HTML and CSS is also important for the basic structure and styling of a website.

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Der Unterschied zwischen einem Webdesigner und einem Webentwickler liegt darin, dass im Webdesign der Entwickler den kreativen Part übernimmt und das Design der Benutzeroberfläche entwirft. Der Webentwickler bekommt dieses Design dann und übernimmt den technischen Part, also die Programmierung der Seite.

Which programming languages are necessary for the creation of websites?

The programming language used for a website depends entirely on the structure and purpose of the website in question. The best-known languages in web development are JavaScript, PHP and Java.

What does Web App mean?

A web app (short for web application) is an application that is usually used in an Internet browser and does not have to be installed on an end device. Instead, it is stored on a server and can be used by the user at any time.

How does a web app work?

Web apps work without being installed on an end device. Instead, they are stored on a server and can be started by users at any time via an Internet browser. They are programmed in various programming languages, such as Java, PHP or HTML.

How is a web application structured?

How exactly a web application is structured cannot be described in a few sentences. Put simply, it consists of a user interface (front end) that the user sees and the programmed software in the background (back end) that the user does not see. These components are then linked so that the web application can function.

What is web-based software?

Web-based software is nothing other than a web app, i.e. an application that users can start and close via an Internet browser without having to install it on an end device.

What characterises a web-based application?

A web-based application is characterised by the fact that it does not have to be stored and installed on an end device in order to be used by the user. Nevertheless, it can be very complex and contain features like any other app.

What does progressive web app mean?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a combination of the words progressive and web application. These are web applications that can be started in the browser but can also be used offline.

What can a PWA do?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web applications that can be started in the browser but can also be used offline. They can also be started via a desktop icon and send push messages to the user. There are no limits to the functionality of PWAs and they can contain an almost infinite number of features.

What does a web development agency do?

Web development describes an area of software development in which applications are developed and provided for the Internet. Web developers use so-called frameworks for this purpose. In contrast to app development, no applications are installed and used on the respective end device. Web applications (or web apps) are used by the end user in any web browser. The application is stored on a server. The type of application is very diverse and can be implemented in different ways.

The tasks of a web development agency can be divided into different areas:

  • Extensive requirements analysis
  • Software design and architecture
  • Data base design
  • Development and implementation of web applications using the latest technologies
  • Knowledge in the areas of search engine optimisation, online marketing and conversion is also important
  • Further development of the web application

In a web development agency, all these services are usually provided by web developers and project managers. In addition, there are web designers who take care of the best possible user experience (UX) and a user-friendly user interface (UI).

Similar disciplines in web development are:

  • Software architecture
  • Data base development
  • Project management
  • Software engineering
  • Web Design
  • SEO Marketing
  • Cloud Computing

How much does a web application cost?

The cost of a web application or website varies greatly depending on the type of web development agency. Whether an online shop, web app or web service – web development will generally cost at least €2,500-10,000, depending on the technical complexity. For larger projects, sums of €50,000-100,000 and higher are common, as entire teams of developers, project managers and designers are required for implementation.

We would be happy to discuss the individual price of your project with you in a free initial consultation.

Web development advantages - Why a web development agency is worthwhile

Landing pages, portfolios and blogs can still be realised with a little technical knowledge, but with more complexity you also need more know-how regarding various programming skills. The money you invest in a professional web application will save you time. A professional web agency has a lot of experience in development and project management and knows what is important for a user-friendly application. As a result, the website not only works technically, but also impresses your customers.


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