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Digital transformation

Many companies are dissatisfied with their own digital transformation. Only a fraction of companies actually achieve their digital goals. However, the benefits of transformation are obvious, as can be seen from the surge in digitalisation triggered by the coronavirus crisis. This is also shown by the current results of the latest studies on digital transformation […]

Webentwickler zeigt was am Monitor mit seiner Hand

Web development – Everything you need to know

Homepages, online shops, social networks, portals, streaming services and web apps all have web development in common. They all need a well-functioning and interactive website. This is because it is crucial to whether users* recognise a product. Unfortunately, websites often simply disappear into the vastness of the internet. To prevent this, web development focuses on […]

Webdesign mit Scrabble Buchstaben auf einem Schreibtisch

Web design – definition, agencies & current trends

Web design encompasses visually appealing and technically feasible concepts for web applications, websites and mobile apps. As the world becomes more and more digital, web design is also becoming increasingly important. More and more applications are running via the internet or mobile apps. At the same time, more and more is technically possible and sometimes […]

3 Teammitglieder stehen vor einem Schreibtisch

Agile project management

Agile project management is now an integral part of the modern business world, revolutionizing the way projects are planned, executed and completed. In an era of rapid technological advancement and constant change, agile project management offers a dynamic approach that helps organizations adapt quickly to new requirements. This article will dive into the world of […]

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