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Web development costs – Important factors & prices

How much web development costs depends on many factors. The prices for creating an online store or other websites vary greatly depending on the scope and complexity of the website in question. This article will give you an overview of the web development costs associated with the various services and options.

Right at the beginning, we summarize some of the most important factors that influence web development costs. Based on these factors, an individual package can be put together for each project, which includes everything from conception to development and publication. The greater the wishes and requirements for web development, the higher the costs in the end.

Factors for web development costs

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect the cost of web development. The most important difference, however, is whether it is a simple website or a web application with extended functionalities.

  • The scope and complexity of the project
  • The number of pages required
  • Adaptations or integrations
  • The number of functions required
  • The amount of content to be created
  • The need for responsive design
  • The need for a mobile app
  • The use of open source technologies
  • Development location

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Costs of a web application

Although web development also refers to the creation of websites, it is primarily concerned with applications that go beyond the functions of a website. This includes, for example, online platforms, booking systems or complex online stores. For all these systems, it is not enough to simply program a visually appealing front end. Rather, software is required that has to be individually created and adapted.

It is therefore important to clarify the complexity of the customer’s wishes and requirements at the start of web development. A proper web app requires experienced programmers who are well versed in the subject matter and can translate all functionalities into lines of code.

Since this work is very time-consuming and you cannot use a simple website construction kit such as WordPress, programming not only takes longer but is also more cost-intensive.

Due to the scope, various interfaces and special functions, the web development costs can quickly amount to €100,000. However, this cannot be determined as a general figure, as each project is unique. However, if the developed application creates great added value that is used by users, it is definitely worth the price.

Costs of designing a website

The development of a website can generally be divided into four different services: Design, web programming, web hosting and domain registration. The prices for these services vary depending on the provider and the scope of the project.

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Costs of web development

Web programming is the second most important part of web development and involves developing the functionality of the website. The price for this service depends on the number of pages and the complexity of the project. For a simple website, you can expect to pay around 500 euros. If you want a more complex website with customizations, the price can easily exceed 5,000 euros.

Web hosting costs

Web hosting is the third part of web development and includes the provision of storage space on a web server for your website. The price for this service depends on the size of the website and the data traffic. For a simple website, you can expect to pay around 50 euros per year. If you want a more complex website with individual customizations, the price can easily exceed 500 euros per year.

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Costs of domain registration

Domain registration is the fourth part of web development and involves registering a domain name for your website. The price for this service depends on the extension of the domain name. For a .com domain, you can expect to pay around 10 euros per year. If you want a more complex domain name with multiple extensions, the price can easily exceed 100 euros per year.

In conclusion, the cost of web development depends on many factors. The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a software company and discuss your project in detail.

The choice between agile and traditional approaches depends on the specific requirements of the project, the corporate culture and the objectives, with many organizations increasingly integrating agile practices into their project management processes in order to work in a more flexible and customer-oriented way.


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