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Gross net calculator 2024

Calculate your actual net salary with our gross net calculator 2023. The calculator from Platri IT is a free service for calculating your taxes and duties.

The salary calculator from determines your solidarity surcharge, your contributions to pension insurance, health insurance, wage tax, long-term care insurance and unemployment insurance. You can also calculate the monetary value of your company car. Find out how high your net salary is!

Gross Net Calculator Glossary

How much will my salary be at the end of the month after using our salary calculator?

The net hourly rate calculated by this system does not reflect how much money an employee actually earns. The Gross-Net Calculator 2023 deducts two things from your gross pay: Taxes and social security contributions, which can be included in separate categories for breakdowns or calculations at smaller scales (e.g. per hour) if required.

Gross income

Enter your gross income here and find out your net income. Here you can choose between monthly income and your annual income. Depending on the accounting period, the Butto net calculator will calculate your net income for 2023!


Tax classes

The amount of income tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax you pay depends on your tax class. You can find this on your income tax card. There are a total of six income tax brackets:

  1. Tax class I: Divorced (without children), single and widowed persons
  2. Tax class II: Divorced (with children), widowed and single parents
  3. Tax class III: Married single earners & double earners (other spouse has tax class V)
  4. Tax class IV: Married people with two incomes
  5. Tax class V: Double earner (one has tax class III)
  6. Tax class VI: For additional earnings with another income tax card

Company pension plan

When converting to the net wage with the wage calculator, 4% of the pension insurance assessment ceiling can be deducted from the gross wage free of social security and tax contributions.

Monetary benefit

The non-cash benefit is the benefit in kind provided by the employer. This can be travel allowances, the use of a company car or a meal allowance. This value is taxed, so the net salary is lower. Enter your non-cash benefit in the wage calculator.

Annual tax-free allowance

The basic tax-free allowance has been around €9,744 since 2021 and will rise to €9,984 in 2022. This value determines the amount up to which income is not taxed, so that taxpayers are relieved. In the case of a subsistence minimum, this remains free of duties and taxes. The net wage calculator allows you to enter the annual tax-free allowance.


Calculation of child allowance

The child allowance is a tax allowance that provides a secure livelihood for each child. There is an allowance for each child, which can be divided between two income tax cards. The amount of child benefit is also taken into account when calculating tax. The tax office is obliged to choose the most favorable solution for the taxpayer. You can enter the child allowances in the gross-net calculator.


Who uses the gross-net calculator?

Whether it’s the application process or an annual evaluation, a salary calculator can be very helpful during salary negotiations. This is because you can use it to determine how much potential you still have for a salary increase. Even if you are aiming for a certain net profit, you can calculate backwards how much you will be paid in gross terms.

When choosing a marriage tax class, the most favorable option can be calculated quickly and easily with a wage calculator. The breakdown of child benefit can also be calculated with the wage calculator so that you can choose the most favorable option. You can use our gross/net calculator to determine your net salary, e.g. as an IT expert for temporary employment and based on your region.

What does the gross net calculator deduct from the gross salary?

The net salary is calculated by deducting various social security contributions and taxes.

Taxes: The gross net calculator 2023 deducts income tax, the solidarity surcharge and church tax from the gross salary. The income tax rate is calculated and applied to the gross salary. The solidarity surcharge is around 5.5% of the wage tax. The amount of church tax depends on which federal state you live in. It can amount to around 8% to 9% of the wage tax. Since 2021, the surcharge has been abolished for those who earn a taxable income of less than 73,000 euros (151,000 euros with a spouse).

Social security contributions: Contributions such as pension insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance fall under social security contributions. This can quickly amount to 20% of your taxes.

The final net salary therefore always varies. You can also find out what this looks like in the specific case of the salary of IT specialists here.

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