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App development costs

Even the most innovative idea for an app is ultimately accompanied by the question of cost. It is therefore worth taking a look at app development costs. Behind this lies a complex landscape with several different factors that influence the final costs.

From simple informational apps to complex business solutions, there are several ranges of development costs. It is important from the outset to plan realistic budgets and avoid potential pitfalls. All of this is covered in the following article on the costs of tomorrow’s digital innovations.

App development costs

The cost of developing an app is a multifaceted issue that is influenced by a variety of factors. The range can vary enormously depending on the complexity of the functionalities, the design requirements, the platform (iOS, Android or both), the integration of third-party services and much more.

Simple apps could be comparatively inexpensive, while comprehensive applications or entire social media platforms may require a significant budget.

The challenge is to plan a realistic budget that meets the app’s requirements without neglecting quality or user experience. It is therefore advisable to work closely with experienced developers from the outset to get a clear overview of the costs and explore potential savings.

Cost factors at a glance

It is almost impossible to list all the factors, as every app development is individual and unique, meaning that the costs for the individual components vary each time. However, the most important ones include

  • Functionality: The more complex the functionalities, the more complex the development. Functions such as location services, user interactions, payment integrations, etc. can increase costs.
  • Design: A customized and appealing design requires time and resources. The visual design as well as the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) influence the development costs.
  • Platforms: The decision as to whether the app is developed for iOS, Android or both platforms has an impact on the costs. The adaptation to different operating systems requires additional work.
  • Third-party integrations: If the app is to access external services or APIs (e.g. payment gateways, maps, social media), integration costs can increase the overall cost.
  • Security and compliance: Security requirements and compliance with data protection guidelines may require additional development steps that affect costs.
  • Development technologies: The choice of development technologies (e.g. native development, cross-platform frameworks) can cause costs to vary.
  • User management and authentication: User management, login and authentication systems require time and resources to implement.
  • Testing and quality assurance: Extensive tests and quality checks are necessary to provide a reliable app. This can increase development costs.
  • Maintenance and updates: After the launch, regular maintenance, bug fixes and the integration of new functions require further investment.
  • Project management and communication: The effectiveness of project management and communication between team members influence the development time and therefore the costs.

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App developer costs

As very few companies or individuals develop their apps independently, these costs are paid to software developers. The costs for app developers vary greatly depending on location, level of experience and the specific requirements of the project.

In regions with a higher cost of living and a severe technology skills shortage, hourly rates for app developers can be higher. Junior developers tend to have lower hourly rates, while experienced or specialized developers may command higher fees.

Project-based agreements can also vary. Some developers charge fixed lump sums, while others charge by the hour. In addition, agencies or freelancers may have different pricing structures and models, which can affect the overall cost of app development.

The choice of developer should therefore be based on a comprehensive assessment of their skills, experience and fit with the project objectives to ensure an appropriate cost-benefit factor.

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Android app development costs

As already mentioned, the choice of platform also plays an important role. In general, Android apps can be somewhat more complex to develop due to the fragmentation of the ecosystem (different devices, screen sizes, Android versions), which can potentially lead to higher costs.

Costs can also be influenced by the choice of development platform, whether native development or the use of cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.

Again, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the specific requirements of the project in order to obtain accurate cost estimates for Android app development.

iOS app development

Of course, this also applies to the cost of developing iOS apps. These often have a reputation for being slightly cheaper, as development is done for a more limited number of devices and iOS versions, which can lead to some simplification. Apple devices tend to have less fragmentation compared to Android, which can make development easier.

Nevertheless, the cost of iOS app development can vary depending on functionality, design requirements, integrations and the choice of development platform (native iOS development or cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter).

While the base cost may not vary greatly between iOS and Android, specific customizations to the iOS ecosystem or certain features may have a different impact on the final cost.

App development costs examples

To give an idea of the possible app development costs, examples of different types of app development and their approximate cost range are particularly helpful. From simple informational apps to complex enterprise solutions, these examples provide an overview of the potential budgets that could be required for different app types.

Again, however, costs can vary greatly and depend on a variety of factors. The table therefore only serves as a guide, but should be seen as a starting point for developing realistic cost expectations for individual projects.

App-Entwicklung Kosten
Type of app development Potential financial framework
Simple informative app ca. 5.000 € to 20.000 €
Smaller business app ca. 20.000 € to 50.000 €
Social Media platform ca. 50.000 € to 150.000 €
E-Commerce app ca. 30.000 € to 150.000 €
Games app (simple game) ca. 10.000 € to 250.000 €
Complex business application ca. 100.000 € to 500.000 €

App Store costs for developers

Once the app has been developed and is intended for use by the general public, it still needs to be integrated into an app store. Of course, this is also associated with costs, which can vary depending on the platform and the specific requirements.

With Apple, developers have to pay an annual fee of usually 99 USD for access to the App Store. Additional costs may be incurred for various services such as submitting app updates or participating in special programs. In the Google Play Store, the one-off registration fee for developers is usually USD 25.

However, both platforms usually charge a percentage of in-app purchases or app sales as part of the fee structure. These fees can amount to between 15 % and 30 % of the revenue generated by the app. Therefore, these costs should also be taken into account when planning the budget for the app release, as they can have a direct impact on the profitability of the project.

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Final budget planning for your app

But what should such a final budget plan contain? Above all, it requires thorough analysis and planning. A number of points should be discussed, which are listed below. You should discuss all these points with your project team as well as with the software developers.

  • Requirements analysis: Define the goals and requirements of the app in detail. A clear vision of the functionalities, the design and the platforms (iOS, Android or both) is crucial.
  • Functionalities and features: Prioritize the app functions according to must-haves, nice-to-haves and later development phases. This helps to determine the scope of the project and control costs.
  • Resource evaluation: Identify the required resources such as developers, designers, project managers, etc. Consider whether internal staff, external agencies or IT freelancers are required.
  • Cost estimates: Get detailed cost estimates from developers or agencies. Make sure that all aspects are taken into account, from development costs to design, testing, maintenance and possible additional costs such as servers or third-party integrations.
  • Plan a buffer: Build in a buffer for unforeseen expenses. Projects can change or unexpected requirements can arise, and a buffer in the budget helps to cover such situations.
  • Publishing and maintenance costs: Take into account the costs for publishing the app in the App Store as well as the ongoing maintenance costs after publication.
  • Review and adjustment: Review the budget regularly during the development process and adjust it if requirements or circumstances change.
  • Profitability analysis: Consider potential sources of revenue for the app, whether through in-app purchases, subscriptions or advertising, to assess the profitability of the project.

Thorough planning and regular reviews are crucial to set the budget for app development and ensure that the project is successfully implemented.


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